Bath & Body

Re-Hydrating Body Lotion 8 oz $16.00 16 oz $30.00
Ingredients: emulsified almond oil, shea butter, meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, argon oil. 
Our lotion is safe for all skin types. It replenishes dry skin by depositing nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy vibrant skin. It is unscented but, we can add the fragrance of your choice upon request.


Organic Body Wash 8 oz $16.00 16 oz $30.00 Ingredients: kosher glycerin soap, avocado oil,argon oil. 
This body wash is FABULOUS! Gentle cleansing for the most sensitive skin types. Recommended for those who suffer with roserea and eczema, even babies! Kosher glycerin soap is the base for our body wash which has been reinforced with oils that will nourish dry diseased skin back to health. This product is unscented but, we can add the fragrance of your choice upon request.


Mango Lime Sugar Scrub 16 oz $16.00
Ingredients: raw sugar, refined sugar, oils ( almond, sunflower, argan, avocado, shea, meadowfoam, argon, & borage oils, ) mango lime fragrance
Oh My God! This feels and smells so good on the skin! Our mixture of raw sugars,and brown sugars gently removes dry dead skin cells to reveal new healthy skin! You will notice the difference after only one use. Skin is smooth as satin!

Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub 16 oz $16.00
Ingredients: sea salt, peppermint essential oil, (almond, sunflower, avocado, shea oil, meadowfoam, wheatgerm, & argon oils)
Invigorating and cool as ice! Our sea salt scrub contains 100% Dead Sea Salt which is known for its detoxifying and healing properties. I like to use this on mornings when I lack that get up and go. It wakes me up and I am charged, ready to take on the world! I feel cool and energized all day.

Body Souffle 2 oz $5.00 8 oz $15.00
Ingredients: spring water, bees wax, shea butter, cocoa butter, meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, vitamin -E
Rich, velvety and awesome! The dryest of skin can finally say good bye to the ashies! This product is a must for every night stand. Love it! Our souffle’is unscented but we can add the fragrance of your choice upon request.


The Diva’s Friend 8 oz $15.00
Ingredients: ols (almond, sunflower, tamanu, boabab, manketti, argon, marula, avocado, shea, jojoba, meadowfoam) custom blended fragrance
Liquid Gold! I’ve combined oils that everyone should have an abundant access to. This is the secret to my flawless skin. I use it daily after cleansing my face. I wipe the excess off with a warm towl and I’m ready!


Foot Butter 2 oz $6.00 8 oz $18.00
Ingredients: butters (kokum raw shea butter), almond oil, vitamin -e & neem This butter really does heal dry cracked skin! Many of my clients who are diabetic swear by its healing properties. I/ve added neem oil to fight fungus as well. Your feet will thank you!



Ghanian Black Soap $8.00
This is a handmade cold press soap offered by villagers in Ghana. Black Soap in it’s raw form, no fancy packaging nor is is molded to look pretty. I personally prefer this black soap to all others because of it’s purity and simplicity. I do not know all ingredients used to make this soap. It is excellent for fighting acne, rashes and skin fungus. /

Dudu Osun Black Soap $6.00
Our Dudu Osun Black Soap is manufactured in Lagos Nigeria. The list of ingredients are pure honey, shea butter, cam wood, palm kernal oil, cocoa pod ash, palm brush ash, aloe vera, lime juice, water and fragrance. It too is excellent for fighting acne, rashes and skin fungus. /