Hair Products

Transitioning from Processed to Natural Hair

We offer a complete line of products that will assist in your journey from processed to natural hair. Our products and techniques will minimize breakage while strengthening and growing “New Hair”! Many of you prolong the “Big Chop” (cutting off the processed hair, which actually leaches moisture from your new growth. Our Hair Essential Package contains all the products needed during your transitioning period. The Conditioning Shampoo and Hair Pudding Conditioner will gently cleanse and assist in minimizing breakage as well as replenishing moisture. Our Hair and Scalp moisturizer will soften the new growth and serves as an extra moisture booster. The Hair Elixir can be used as a hot oil treatment or as a finishing product to add shine to your dull processed hair. Last but not least, the Leave In and Let It Be Conditioner can be used daily to refreshen your style. Should you have any questions or concerns, please call. We are committed to assist you in discovering the natural beauty of your hair.

Botanical Tea Shampoo 8 oz $8.00 16 oz $15.00

Our shampoo was formulated for use on all hair types. It removes product build- up and residue while leaving hair squeaky clean! PH Balanced.

Ingredients: organic castile soap, kosher glycerin soap, essential oils and botanical extracts



Moisturizing Shampoo 8 oz $8.00 16 oz $15.00

Our moisturizing shampoo has the same formulation as our botanical tea shampoo with one key added ingredients: moisturizer! It so mild, it can be used as a co-wash shampoo. It adds moisture to dry damaged hair, sheen and softness to healthy hair. PH Balanced


Healing Hands Shampoo 8 oz $18.00

When you have tried everything over the counter and doctor prescribed shampoos that promise to help you cope with scalp ailments such as eczema and dandruff and they offer no relief, try this shampoo. It was carefully formulated to heal the scalp.

Ingredients: organic castile soap, kosher glycerin soap, extracts of organic flax seed, marshmallow root, cactus, aloe vera, precious oils of andiroba, argan, buriti fruit, tamanu, pequi, moringa, neem and black seed, essential oils lavender and rosemary


Conditioning Shampoo 8 oz $6.00 16 oz $15.00

In my quest to offer products that will ease hair grooming for little ones, I developed this shampoo which helps to detangle hair by softening the natural curl pattern. Used in conjunction with our hair pudding conditioner, easy comb out, hair butter & smooth hair growth (which is available in a package set) will bring a smile instead of tears to your child’s face. They will look forward to getting their hair groomed! PH Balanced

Ingredients: same as botanical tea shampoo, with hair pudding conditioner and precious oils added


Hair Pudding Conditioner 8 oz $8.00 16 oz $15.00

This rich conditioner adds vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Ingredients: emulsion of coconut oil, shea butter, spring water, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, shea oil, wheat germ oil, essential oils (sage, lemongrass, patchouli, and rosemary) 


Mango Guava Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner 8 oz $7.00 16 oz $13.00

This product was requested by professional natural hair stylist Natasha Betini. This gentle cleanser does not produce suds nor strip your curls of vital moisture and vitamins. It thoroughly cleanses while moisturizing your curls. It is a formulation of our Hair Pudding Conditioner and a natural gentle cleanser;


Ingredients: hair pudding conditioner,a natural gentle cleanser, coconut, mango and guava fragrances.



Healing Hands Conditioner 8 oz $18.00

Natural butters, precious and essential oils were combined to formulate this conditioner that works to soothe, comfort and heal scalp ailments.

Ingredients: organic extracts of flax seed, marshmallow root, cactus, shea butter, precious oils ( andiroba, argan, borage, boabab, buriti fruit, black seed, tamanu, moringa, pequi, and neem) essential oils of lavender and rosemary

Leave It In & Let It Be 8 oz $12.00

This leave in conditioner can be used in daily grooming. It is very light and helps to stop breakage! 

Ingredients: spring water, kosher glycerin, precious oils and mango lime fragrance 
* Shake before application to evenly distribute*

Easy Comb Out 8 oz $10.00

You are going to love this one for your childresn hair! No more drama episodes! Simply apply and massage into hair prior to combing. 

Ingredients: spring water, kosher glycerin, precious oils and pineapple crush fragrance oil


Flax Seed Gel (Curl Definer) 8 oz $10.00

We developed another one! Genuine organic hair gel without the dryness of alcohol. The texture is gel-like and has great holding ability. When combined with the Cactus Gel, it mixture forms awesome curl patterns! We added peppermint essential oil to its natural earthy aroma. The fragrance is strong but dissipates after application. I don’t know why but, it does!

*Keep refrigerated between uses*

Ingredients: spring water, flax seed extract, peppermint essential oil

Our Curl Soufflé is rich and creamy! Just what thirsty curls need! It adds moisture and enhances your natural curl pattern. This product is best when applied to wet hair.

Ingredients: emulsified butters, almond oil, avocado oil, glycerin, hair pudding, and essential oils of lemongrass and patchouli


Whipped Coconut Oil 8 oz $10.00 

This finishing products will give your hair that “WOW!” factor. It softens hair that has been hardened to the point of “Crunchy” by alcohol based styling products and gives your hair “Eye Popping Gloss” without feeling heavy with oil. Tames frizzy ends and helps to prevent breakage.

Ingredients: coconut oil, pequi oil, argan oil, buriti fruit oil, frankincense, myrrh, amber, patchouli and vanilla fragrance oil

Hair Elixir #1 8 oz $17.50

We refer to this oil as liquid gold! It can be applied after styling to add shine to the hair and after shampooing as a hot oil treatment. It is lightweight and kissed with tropical fragrances that are intoxicating! 

Ingredients: almond oil, avocado oil, shea oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin –E oil, and tropical fragrances of guava, mango, papaya and passion fruit

Hair Elixir #2 8 oz $17.50

The formulation for #2 is the same as #1. We replaced the tropical fruit blend with mango lime kissed with a touch of vanilla which renders this blend as seduction in a bottle! Men love the aroma of this oil blend!

Scalp Nourishment 4oz $12.00 8 oz $22.00

This was the first oil that I concocted for my hair when I cut it off. My hair was rough & dry in spots and straight in others. It was terribly damaged after years of chemical processing. It helped correct all those problems. My locs now flow beneath my knees! 

Ingredients: butters( cocoa and shea) botanical infused almond and olive oil, essential oils of sage, rosemary, patchouli, and fragrance oils

* Many clients who suffer with eczema report that they use the scalp nourishment as a lotion to keep their eczema flare ups in check. It helps to relieve itching and dryness associated with eczema


Smooth Hair Growth 4 oz $12.00 8 oz $22.00

This hair dress will grow the most stubborn hair and give hair a silky texture. The formualtion is the same as the root stimulator with the additional ingredients of shea oil, glycerin and pineapple crush fragrance. Children love the fragrance! It smells like delicious pineapple popsicles on a hot summer day!


Healing Hands Scalp Butter Serum 4 oz $18.00 8 oz $34.00

I am so proud of this product! When used as directed with the shampoo and conditioner, it works wonders! Clients will experience relief in a short period of time. It not only soothes and heals the scalp, it also promotes hair growth.

Ingredients: shea butter, botanical infused almond oil, precious oils ( alma, andiroba, argan, borage, black seed, jojoba, vitamin – E, wheat germ, neem, mustard seed, meadow foam seed, essential oils of lavender and rosemary


Silk Press 4 oz $8.00 8 oz $15.00

We had this product salon tested and IT IS FABULOUS! The stylist applied it to their clients hair before placing them under the dryer so that the product could be absorbed into the hair prior to the flat iron process. It performed magnificently! Moisture is locked in and protects hair from heat. Hair was free flowing with body and shine! Please use sparingly for best results, a little goes a long way! Ingredients: coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, glycerin and lemongrass essential oil


Hair & Scalp Moisturizer 4 oz $9.00 8 oz $17.00

Oh My God! This feels so good on the scalp! It’s like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day when your body feels so parched from the heat of the sun. It’s as light and refreshing as an ice cold sorbet. Your scalp will be immediately replenished with moisture. Unlike most moisturizers, ours does not leave an unsightly residue on the hair or scalp. It is immediately absorbed. For young mothers who are too impatient for their children’s hair to OBEY and are ready to resort to Texturizers, please try this product before permanently ruining your baby’s hair!

Ingredients: emulsion of spring water, honey, avocado oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil & tropical fragrances


Gloss Effects 4 oz $8.00 8 oz $15.00

Just in time for fun in the sun! Our gloss effects protects natural and processed hair from damage of chlorinated water as well as salt water. Simply wet hair and apply before entering these waters. Shampoo hair immediately after a fun day at the beach or pool! Gloss Efects is also a fabulous fininshing product! It adds the eye popping shine you crave for your tresses without leaving a heavy build – up.
Ingredients: coconut oil, glycerin, mineral oil, lemon essential oil, vanilla fragrance oil, argan oil and avocado oil.


Hair Butter 4 oz $9.00 8 oz $17.00

The Hair & Scalp Moisturizer felt so good, I took it to another level! This product moisturizers and softens the hair leaving a silking texture and sheen you will not believe! The texture is thicker than the hair & scalp moisturizer. It works well for twist, shingling, braiding and loc maintenance. Some customers who sport natural crowns use it to create spiral and corkscrew curls. It enhances, holds and moisturizes curls like a butter should!
Ingredients: emulsion of spring water, honey, avocado oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil & tropical fragrancesIngredients: emulsion of spring water, honey, avocado oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil &


Whipped Shea Butter 16 oz $17.00

I wanted to make a product that I could use from head to toe. This is it! It’s so light and fluffy it almost melts to the touch! The aroma is divine! I use this product to add moisture and oil to my scalp and hair, and moisturize my skin after I shower. I noticed that it softens the cuticles on my hands and feet as well as moisturize and soothe my tired feet. It is an “All In One Jar” of happiness! Try it and you will be astonished! Ingredients: raw shea butter, borage oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil, glycerin, jasmine and gardenia and patchouli fragrance oils *We will replace the yellow shea butter used in this product with grayish white shea butter. When you know better, you do better!